Crush cosmetics 35B eyeshadow palette review & swatches!

Some things just need to be shared with the world, and this palette is one of them! I haven’t seen a single review for it anywhere, not surprising as Crush Cosmetics is a name I’ve only come across recently. They’re a great Aus store for brands that I don’t come across often here (MUA, NYC, Sleek etc) along with some higher end brands as well. 

I’ve been eying off a few of their palettes for a while, at AUD $30 they seemed like great value, but I had nothing to reference so eventually took the plunge! 

First impression was good, it came to me  in a black box which I threw away before I though of photographing (eager beaver to get to the palette itself). The case itself is nothing overly special, it’s plastic so be careful not to drop it, I don’t know how it would hold up. It’s pictured on an A4 sheet for size reference. 

Good sized palette, it does get dirty very quickly but a quick wipe down and it’s fine! 

I was absolutely blown away by the colours when I opened it ! They look stunning, and very true to the website photos. I don’t own any morphe palettes but it does look very similar to what I’ve seen, and I’m sure it’s a dupe of one somewhere. 

There’s 35 shades all up, 20 mattes (YAAAY! I love matte eyeshadow and it’s hard to find a palette with a lot of them) and 15 shimmer/glitter shades. I don’t usually like shimmer as I feel a lot of them look quite cheap but these look gorgeous. 

The shades have no names, so I am switching left to right, top row to bottom. I’m using a finger to swatch, and no primer. All the colours are a single swipe of product, I haven’t built any up so you get the most accurate idea  

Row one: 

These were all super creamy to the touch, and slid on like a dream. The second colour doesn’t have a lot of pigment, and seems to be more of an “enhancing colour” to give mattes some shimmer. I popped it over the top of number one later (no photo sorry) and it gave it a lovely little shine! Shade 4 is my favourite, a gorgeous metallic bronze. Shades 5&6 don’t show as vibrantly on my skin, and would be perfect transition shades, but trust me the pigment is there ! 

Row 2: 

Again, all very creamy to the touch, no fallout and hellloo pigment. For someone who doesn’t dig shimmer or glitter I am really loving the metallic shades this palette is giving me! I can’t pick a favourite from these, but No. 2,3 & 5 will probably be used a whole lot ! They all look like they’re going to play mix n match well with each other so far which is a big plus! 

Row 3: 

I had my first hiccup on this row. While they all still feel super creamy, shade 2 here was perhaps a bit too soft! One swipe with my finger picked up a whole lot of product (you can see a couple of little clumps in there) I gave it a quick brush down after and they were gone, which didn’t affect the shadow at all. Just be cautious with that one, a little goes a long way! The only colour here I’m not digging is the bright red, but if you’re into vibrant colours it’s still just as quality as the rest. I personally will probably never use it though 🙂 

Row 4: 

You’re going to get sick of the word creamy soon, aren’t you? The consistency in quality of these shadows is blowing my mind. Colour 1&2 here are quite similar, 1 has a deeper undertone and leans a bit more toward ashy, where 2 has a slight redness to it. Same with 3 & 4,  3 is the ashy, more neutral version  and 4 is the redder. This picture doesn’t do 5 justice. I tried to get a good one but natural light today isn’t great 😦 it is super pigmented, and the most gorgeous metallic finish I have seen so far! Shade 7 is the wearable red colour for the palette in my opinion, it reminds me of red clay, not overwhelming but the colour is definitely there. 

Row 5: 

You’re sick of it now aren’t you ? I’ll switch things up. These have a consistency which can be likened to a dairy product 😁 This row is more colours I’d use on my crease, or after dark (I am an adventurous little thing with eyeshadow, am I not? ) Shade 1 is actually quite a muted shimmer in person, the camera picked up more than bare eye could see but the colour was the same either way. Shades 6&7 were quite similar, but 7 has a more metallic look to it than 6, which makes it appear a bit lighter. 

Wear: I photograph somewhere between elephant and seal without the cute factor so sorry there is no shots of the product on me! I trialed a few shades individually and as a complete look and they go the distance! Without primer, they lasted my average day from 7-6 with slight creasing, but No noticable fade or rubbing. With a primer i didn’t notice any crease at all when they came off, and probably could have left it on for another 2-3 hours without issues.


Whether you’re an eyeshadow newbie or you’re a seasoned pro, I would 10000% recommend getting your hands on this! The shadows are consistently great quality and highly pigmented, no fallout, they blend like an absolute dream and stay put. I didn’t think that a AUD$30 palette was capable of this kind of quality. I own $90 palettes that don’t perform like this. It works out less than $1 per shadow, even with that bright red I will probably not touch, and I will most definitely be going back to purchase more colours.  If you’re interested, check out the palette here